Organisation Structure

13 members from Affiliate Organisations are appointed biennially to the Executive Committee, at the Annual General Meeting. The ExCo is responsible for the work that MKKM does and also monitor its projects.

The Members consist of

  1. President
  2. 2 Vice President
  3. Honorary Secretary
  4. Honorary Treasurer
  5. Assistant Honorary Secretary
  6. Assistant Honorary Treasurer
  7. 7 Ordinary Executive Committee Members

The Director General of the Social Welfare Department is the Advisor to MKKM.

Representatives from Ministry of Education, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Youth & Sports, Ministry of Health and the Department of Social Welfare are invited to the Executive Committee.

9 Sub-Committees are established to assist the Executive Committee in the following activities:

  • Management
  • Education
  • Resource Centre
  • Scholarship / Welfare
  • Child Abuse & Neglect
  • Research
  • MKKM New Building
  • International Relation
  • Training