Malaysian Council of Child Welfare (MCCW) was registered in 1979 as an umbrella organisation to represent the voice of NGOs concerned with children and to advocate for policies and programs to uplift the health, development, protection and participation of children. Our main focus is for the betterment of the quality of lives of disabled, migrant, underprivileged and poor children. Hence, out of the 31 organisations affiliated to MCCW, most are homes / centres for children with various forms of disability, orphans and children with social problems, as well as children who have been abused, and neglected.

The Council also runs programes for normal needy children such as school tuition classes, short story writing, life skills and support for families/children in crisis situations.

Our Goals

  • To act as a coordinating body for activities aimed at promoting the well-being of children in Malaysia, and to monitor events at national and international level which have bearing on the well-being of children.
  • To promote the development of a healthy and informed generation which is caring, with high ethical standard and prepared to play an effective role in nation building.

Our Strategies

  • Disseminate and advocate the general principles embodied in the Convention of the Rights of the Child, 1989.
  • Supplement and complement government efforts in upgrading the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional development of all children and in particular, children with special needs.
  • Co-operate and undertake at the local, national and international levels, studies and research on issues, problems and needs relating to the child and family.
  • Organise and participate in forums within and outside the country on the development and welfare of the child and family.
  • Publish and disseminate information on the needs, issue, existing resources and facilities available for the development of the child and the family.
  • Affiliate and co-operate with organisations which share similar aims and objectives.